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Yes I know, I know, you can not hear this sentence anymore but it represents the keystone of your posts on the company blog. You need to be able to understand what your audience wants and provide it to them. How to do? There are very simple tools that allow you to find out what users are looking for most on Google. We used them for our writing service Let’s take an example: if your company sells wine, in your company blog you will probably give advice on how to consume this drink and so on. This is not enough, as you will surely want to be at the centre of all the conversations that your audience will entertain about the wine which, as you know, are not of the same nature at all times. To understand how the topics your audience talks to change in real-time, you can use the free Google tool called Trends. It is simple but very powerful: it allows you to compare multiple keywords and understand how much their search volume is in a given geographic area in a certain period of time and for a certain category of searches. Use a distinctive style. In addition to what you write, how to write is also essential. You have to find a compromise: try to adapt your writing style to the target audience but find the perfect cut to make your readers recognize you even from the communicative style, without even seeing the brand. From this point of view, another very important thing is the …